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All Known Benefits of CBD (2019)



Cannabidiol also is known as CBD is a byproduct of marijuana extracted using an industrial method. CBD is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis(marijuana), cannabis Sativa.

CBD is non-psychoactive. It doesn’t cause individuals to get high after ingestion. The non-psychoactive property of cannabinol makes it a pleasant and attractive option for patients who want to treat ailments without having to go through the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

CBD oil is an outstanding natural remedy for many ailments has caused it to gain attention in almost all aspects of life.

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD industrially from the cannabis plant and mixing it with any carrier oil like hemp oil, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil and so on. 

Want to know more?

Let’s get to the benefits of CBD oil in detail.

  1. Pain Reliever

Far back as 2900 B.C, Marijuana was used to treat pain. Scientists, recently discovered that components of marijuana like CBD are accountable for pain-relieving effects.  CBD in combination with THC is very effective in reducing chronic pain. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities and is very significant in reducing chronic pain. 

CBD can likewise relieve arthritis( inflammation of joints), pains associated with multiple sclerosis, pain while walking or sitting, back pain, chronic headache (migraine).

2. Relief from anxiety and depression 

Anxiety and depression is a mental disorder that has an extremely devastating effect on individuals especially the youths. According to World Health Organization(WHO), the largest contributor to disability worldwide is depression while in sixth place is anxiety. 

CBD is has a significant effect on the treatment of anxiety and depression because of its antidepressant-like effects. Research shows that a 300mg dose of CBD is the most effective at significantly reducing anxiety and depression. CBD may also be used for safely treating insomnia and anxiety in children with post-traumatic disorder. 

3. Ease cancer symptoms

Cancer-related symptoms and side effects can be reduced with CBD. The most common chemotherapy-related side effects- vomiting, nausea, and pain can be reduced by CBD. CBD has anti-cancer properties. Cancer patients are seeking CBD as an alternative remedy to cancer-related side effects because the existing drugs for distressing cancer-related symptoms are sometimes ineffective. A combination of CBD and THC mouth spray can reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting better than the standard drugs. 

Concentrated CBD induces cell death in human breast cancer cells and inhibits the invasive spread of breast cancer cells.

4. May help reduce acne

Acne is a common skin condition that is caused by a number of factors comprising genetics, bacteria, underlying inflammation and overproduction of sebum(oil) in the sebaceous gland of the skin. CBD is one of the best ways to treat acne because it prevents the activation of “pro-acne” agents like cytokines and also because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

5. Improve the brain 

CBD has the ability to act on the endocannabinoid system of the brain and other brain signaling systems. The neuroprotective properties of CBD may be beneficial in treating neurological disorders like epilepsy( nervous system disorder causing its patients to become unconscious and experience violent, uncontrolled movement of the body) and multiple sclerosis(nervous system disorder that causes a gradual loss of muscle control- spasms). The use of CBD drugs is an effective approach to reduce muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients. 

Dravet syndrome ( a complex childhood epilepsy disorder) which causes seizure activity in children can be effectively reduced using CBD. Also, Parkinson’s disease patients may experience an improved quality of life and sleep when they use CBD. CBD prevents the neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Improve heart health 

The hearth is the most important organ in the body. It is very delicate and should be adequately cared for. CBD can be beneficial to heart health because it can reduce high blood pressure which causes heart conditions like stroke and heart attack. A single dose of CBD can significantly lower blood pressure. CBD has antioxidant and stress-reducing properties thereby it prevents inflammation and cell death associated with the heart. 

7. Hair growth

The benefits of CBD has also extended to mane lovers. CBD is a simple natural and effective solution to any hair condition amongst the overwhelming abundance of hair treatments. CBD can stop hair loss, improve dull hair color, treat itchy scalp and hair infections. It can also rejuvenate thinning strands. CBD contains acids that promote the growth of natural hair. It also contains amino acids to strengthen and protect the hair. Vitamins A, C, and E present in CBD are antioxidants to protect hair from environmental damage. Vitamin E is especially great for the scalp. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD makes it possible for it to have positive effects in the treatment of itchy scalp and hair infection. CBD hair products come as oils, shampoo, conditioner, creams, and hair gel. 

8. Stronger and skinny nails

Fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as linoleic acid,  are known to be very effective for healthy and shiny nails. The fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins contained in CBD can restore and strengthen your weak and brittle fingernails, transforming them into shiny, tougher and very healthy fingernails. There are chances that if you don’t have healthy hair, you won’t have healthy nails either because the vitamins needed for healthy hair are the same for healthy nails. 

CBD is an exceptional option for healthy hair and nails. 

9. “Sets you in the mood”

CBD has also made it’s way to the bedroom. The reproductive organ and sexual tissue have so many cannabinoids receptors. CBD increases the blood flow to the tissues that increases sensitivity and promote the body’s own natural lubricant to “set you in the mood”. CBD can be found in an assortment of products all aimed at improving the user’s sex life. The products may include personal lubricants, massage oils and lotions, edibles, oral spray and so on. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties which can reduce pain and help you relax during sex for increased pleasure. CBD benefits in the bedroom are mainly boosting libido and increasing lubrication.  CBD is sure great for the bedroom but you have to find your ideal dose or better still use CBD based lubricants. 


Pure CBD gives pure results. Use CBD according to a doctor”s prescription. 

Hi. I'm Somto Ike, A B2B copywriter. I love to write about several topics like health, travel, lifestyle and many more. If I'm not writing, I'm reading a book or cooking. Feel free to contact me on my email- [email protected]

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Beating The Barrier To Scale Ads For DTC eCom Brands



The DTC space is becoming more saturated every other day, and the acquisition costs keep skyrocketing. Many brands often find themselves stagnating in their growth. Hence there is an ever growing need of growing and expanding DTC brands. We had a conversation with Dee Deng on overcoming the challenges that come with scaling ads and this article will be an insightful one. 

Dee Deng is the co-founder and CEO at Right Hook Digital, an e-commerce growth marketing agency managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients across Australia and the USA. Obsessed over ‘delivering wow’- Dee leads his agency team of 50 with great expertise sharing his team’s learning & insights, educating entrepreneurs on how to scale profitably and sustainably. Most recently, Right Hook has been listed on the Australian Financial Review “Fastest Growing Companies 2020” List. Besides, this champion has consistently scaled multiple 7 & 8 figure eComm brands profitably. His team runs the brand’s ads and scales them like lightning. He will soon also offer courses on how you can scale your eComm brand. But how do you break the norm to scale ads for DTC eCom brands?


1. Create A Customer-Centric Brand


A customer-centric brand is a brand that meets the needs of its target audience. This brand understands its clients’ pain points and comes up with a product that helps its clients avoid that pain point. Presently, 42% of businesses fail because there is no market need. Business start-ups fail because they are not solving any market need. So, how can brands create a customer-centric product? According to Dee Deng, they can start by focusing on the world view, the pain that their customers want to avoid, and the benefits that the audience will gain from the brand. Business leaders have to ask themselves, how does our product make our customers feel and look about themselves? 



2. Put A Magnifying Glass On Your Data


Data is essential to an organization as it helps the firm understand its best-performing audience & customer segments. 51% of companies admit that data is integral for their strategy. However, Dee points out that most people think of data as the quantitative type from analytics. He notes that many marketers forget that qualitative data matters too.  

Data helps businesses increase their efficiency in terms of planning and decision-making. One way to get data is to look into the comments section of your ads & posts. It would help if you also looked at your competitor’s ads, posts, and comments from their clients. You’ll find that it’s a goldmine for finding objections and perceived benefits that you can then use in your ads.



3. Leverage Your Data


Data will help you identify your best-performing segments, as well as what resonates with them. ONce you have this information, you can leverage it by deploying a mix of ad creative & influencer content. Such content will directly address your audiences’ concerns, objections & what they love most about your products. 



4. Be Everywhere


Diversifying into multiple channels is a successful digital marketing strategy. This is because when you have different marketing channels such as pay-per-click search ads, email marketing, video marketing, blog posts, display ads, e.t.c, you are likely to drive better results. 

If your entire paid customer acquisition relies solely on one channel, you’re inevitably leaving yourself vulnerable in the long run. Once your budget allows, diversify into multiple channels to ensure that you have a diversified portfolio of channels to reach your audiences (new and old).



5. Don’t neglect the backend


Currently, a majority of ecommerce marketers focus on customer acquisition. However, these businesses neglect that their most loyal customers are already in their existing customer list. 

Backend refers to any part of the business that is not visible to your customers. The backend includes factors such as accounting and finance, inventory, human resource, and engineering. You must develop your backend. Besides, this will help you convert your customers to loyal customers. You can build your backend by leveraging email, SMS & messenger marketing. These platforms will help you re-engage your existing customers. Once you do this, you will be able to turn your customers into loyal repeat purchasers and raving ambassadors of your brand.


Final Thoughts

Word on the street is that the direct-to-customer business model has been unsustainable. Well, this may be good for an initial branch launch. However, Dee Deng will help you have a smart long-term growth strategy

Hence, if you want to scale your ads for DTC ecommerce brands, embracing unique business principles while overcoming obstacles on your success journey ought to be your top choice. It would help if you connected to Dee Deng for more information about the scaling of brands. You can also visit his site for more information on how quickly you can be successful in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

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Meet Award-Winning Book Writing Consultant Helping Hundreds of Authors Through Innovative Publishing Companies



Among book lovers, it is rare to find someone as passionate and holistic in his approach as Caleb Breakey. First, he dedicated 10 years to the craft of fiction and nonfiction. Second, he honed his marketing skills so that readers could actually find his work. And now he’s expanding career opportunities for writers through his innovative publishing companies.

In short, there are few more knowledgeable in the realm of writing than Breakey. He’s helped hundreds of authors write books, build platforms, and win book contracts. And his client list has hit all the big lists: New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and even the #1 book on all of Amazon. So listen up.

“The key,” Breakey says, “is to not follow trends. Instead, invest in continual learning—then create what you want to see in the world.”


4 Secrets Breakey Teaches His Clients at Speak It To Book and Sermon To Book


Breakey’s companies—Speak It To Book and Sermon To Book—aim to help writers who:

Don’t know where to start to write a book

Don’t know how to find their voice

Don’t have time to give their message justice

Don’t know how the publishing industry works

Don’t know how to navigate their options.

Speak It To Book is for people who have a story to share or are the best of the best at what they do. Sermon To Book is for senior pastors, usually of multi-campus churches.

Breakey teaches all of his clients 4 secrets about writing a book, getting it published, and making a living as an author. These secrets reveal the most powerful way to share your story and ideas—period.

They are a must-know for anyone looking to write their book, fulfill their potential, and transform lives.


Secret 1: 2 Shocking Truths About Getting Agents, Editors, and Publishers to Drool Over You

Truth 1: Agents, editors, and publishers are not looking for great writers. They’re looking for personalities with engaged fan-bases that will drive sales from day one. As one former NY publisher told Breakey, “Five or ten years ago, you could give a writer without a platform a chance. But nowadays, you blow them off and move on.” So if you want agents, editors, and publishers to drool over you, do this: 

1) Collect the names and emails of your ideal audience every day (using a paid ad).

2) Engage with your ideal audience about their lives via email, text, or video on a weekly basis.

3) Build your community with confidence, care, and polarity around a heroic cause.

None of these tasks is easy, Breakey says—but they’re worth it.

Truth 2: Write compelling content. Even if your fanbase wows, your publisher might turn you down if you write poorly. So know your strengths. If your writing pops from the page, fantastic. But if not, don’t let your pride get in the way of seeking help from a professional writer.


Secret 2: The Ultimate Key to Landing Clients, Winning Keynotes, and Booking Media Appearances

Don’t treat your book as an end, Breakey says. Treat it as a beginning. Your book cannot solve your readers’ problem. It’s a wonderful start, but buying your book alone won’t get your audience to the destination they desire. That requires a journey.

Think: Video course that dives deep. Weekend seminar that workshops your book’s concepts. Group coaching that gives individual attention. Show your audience that you’re not in this to somewhat solve their problem, but completely solve it. Do this and you’ll unlock opportunities you never thought possible.


Secret 3: How to Avoid the 2 Cardinal Sins That Bankrupt 98% of All Published Writers

Cardinal Sin 1: Not having a system to start a relationship between you and your ideal readers every day.

You don’t sell books unless you have engaged fans, Breakey says. To find and cultivate these engaged fans, you need what’s called an online funnel. Online funnels gather your readers’ names and emails in exchange for valuable content.

An efficient online funnel operates like this:

Paid Ad > High-Value Content > Gather Names and Emails > Lead Toward Heroic Cause

You’ll notice at the front of this graphic is the word “paid.” This brings up an important point, Breakey says. If you’re not willing to invest in influencing thousands of lives, don’t expect thousands of lives to invest in you. Paid ads and funnels are essential to your success. 

Failing authors say, “I put in all this work to write it—I’m not investing another dime!” Thriving authors say, “I will do what it takes to reach the people I know I can help.” 

Cardinal Sin 2: Not creating products or services that solve your audience’s next problem.

Remember, your book is the beginning, not the end. Starving writers can’t make ends meet because they’ve refused to ask, “What’s my audience’s next problem?” or “How can I speed up how fast my audience solves their problem?”

Reading alone boasts a dismal learning retention rate of 10%. How might you add a product that’s audiovisual (20% retention)? How about a video that focuses on demonstration (30% retention)? What about hosting online discussion groups (50% retention)? Or in-person workshops where your readers practice what you’ve preached (75% retention)? Or positioning your readers to teach what they’ve learned from your book (90% retention)?

The possibilities for more products and services are endless, Breakey says. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes, feel their pains—and then start solving them.


Secret 4: The #1 Author Pitfall That Could Cost You 1,000s Of Hours, Threaten Your Sanity, and Guarantee Loss

Breakey believes that if you’re the kind of person who MUST write a book, then you are an amplifier of every good thing in this world. You never stop learning or wanting to help others grow. Your words bring life and transformation. You are a natural helper, teacher, and encourager. You inspire others with your life story and ideas. Your mission isn’t about you—it’s about others. You are compassionate, driven, and ambitious.

So why would you ever try to go it alone in your publishing journey? That’s the #1 author pitfall.

You can’t be an excellent craftsman, editor, proofreader, designer, formatter, packager, copywriter, publisher, distributor, book launch expert, funnel builder, ad manager, product and services creator, automation expert, strategizer, and video producer all by yourself.

You might think, “That’s what a publisher is for.” Breakey puts an end to that thinking right now. Traditional publishers look for writers who offer more than their writing. They don’t bend over backward for writers who just write, he says.

If you want to go far in publishing and make a living as an author, you need a guide, Breakey says. You need a team.


Boost Your Influence Starting Today


Breakey doesn’t want aspiring authors to spend a decade breaking into traditional publishing. He doesn’t want them investing years into learning marketing.

He wants them to write their book, grow a fanbase, speed up profit, and boost their influence starting today (without wearing 15 different hats)!

If you doubt that you’ll ever impact people or make revenue, you’ve been listening to the wrong advice, Breakey says. If you think there’s no way you could stand out from the crowd, you’ve never met a state-of-the-art marketer.

You now have insider publishing knowledge in your arsenal. You know exactly what you must do to write, publish, and profit from your book.

Don’t delay, Breakey says. Most writers have been putting off their dreams for years. He believes writers owe it to themselves to fulfill their potential and start transforming lives!

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How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever



Doubt is an unfortunate necessity of life. Whether it be internally or from those around you. It’s essentially unavoidable. But, that doesn’t mean you have to absorb it. Think of it like a sponge, the more you soak it in the more it will weigh you down. Doubt is a weakness that everyone has the ability to overcome.

I recently met with the Co-Founder and CEO of Steam Whistle, Cam Heaps, one of the largest and most popular breweries in Canada. Heaps always had a desire to craft his own beer and had the grand dream of having a brewery of his own inception. Since broadcasting his desires, he was presented with vocal uncertainty from friends and family. Fortunately, he pushed through the dubiousness of his peers because he knew that he could accomplish his ultimate goal.

His story had me thinking of my own journey. Rather than everything and everyone one weighing me down, I use it as fuel. Rather than soak up the doubt I stay a dry sponge. The analogy doesn’t sound so great in reverse, but we should all be dry sponges. This prompted me to start a blog and write a post on the importance of best utilizing your strengths to the utmost degree, siphoning fuel from the “doubters” to attain your aspirations and the unimaginable power of positivity.

Toronto is a very diverse and welcoming city. But I didn’t always get to experience the bright side of my community. I was one of three kids at my school who wore a turban. As one would suspect, I was ostracized for being different. They would tease me about my long hair, saying I belonged in the girl’s washroom. And that was not #woke. This is harmful to any kid, it stays with anyone. My perceived “lack of coolness” meant getting friends would be a challenge. The opinions of my peers dictated how I felt and thought of my own self-worth. Like every other kid, I just wanted to fit in. I mulled over alternatives as to how to be accepted by those around me. I ultimately decided on being the class clown. If acting up and cracking wise was what it took to be welcomed, I would do that very thing. Nothing was more vital than the validation of my peer group.

I kept this trend all the way through middle school. I grew to become a highly active kid, finding it difficult to sit through class, and really focus at all. The majority of my teachers reached out to my parents due to concern and sometimes pure frustration over the negative influence I was having on the students. My 7th-grade science teacher, Mrs. Jackson, got a hold of my dad and informed him of my unfavorable behavior. She stated that I would have to repeat the grade. Although furious and disappointed, my father persuaded her to pass me with the promise that I would be tutored to be better prepared for the following year.

These tales of youth and we have a purpose in shaping who I came to be, and now you as the reader. These people had power over me whether it be through hierarchy or because of social conventions. They reinforced their control, making me feel weak, that I didn’t fit the right mold. This obviously severely impacted my confidence, which proceeded to create a vicious internal dialogue that stated I would never be good enough.

The notion that grades are the epitome of success is ingrained into us for so long and when we’re so young. I barely made it through high school, so I knew college and university wasn’t a realistic option. My thinking was that I could hopefully get a decent job and maybe live a moderately comfortable life. As a young man, this was a morbid thought.

I managed to land an interview at CIBC through a hiring agency, and there I was fortunate enough to interview with Lynn Thoms. Much to my surprise, she put little emphasis on my resume and minimal qualifications. Instead, she said: “Sell me something, choose anything you want.” Having spent my teenage years selling shoes at Sporting Life, I decided to use that to my advantage. I asked her what she would be using the shoes for, how often she would use them, and analyzed her stance and posture. Based on these factors, I recommended a number of options tailored specifically for her needs. Given that I had asked a number of meaningful questions and specified everything to her particular requirements, she stated I would be perfect for the role.

I was now a Sales and Service Specialist, the fact that someone took a chance on me gave me a whole new sense of purpose. I could utilize my one talent: sales. Unfortunately, my colleagues didn’t share the same attitude as Lynn Thoms. They said because I didn’t have a university education I was very limited to what I could do in my career and this was pretty much it for me. This brought me back to my years of elementary and high school. I felt belittled, that I would never amount to anything, I was stuck in the place that they put me in. Eventually, I thought back to the 8th grade, where I had a teacher that did inspire me, Ms. Canata. She believed in me. She spends the extra time with me to ensure that I understood the lessons, she informed me that I had strengths and great potential. Not everyone needs to or should be good at the same things, we need different ways of thinking and processing. She told me that I was capable of things that others weren’t. I was informed I had charm, a skill she said that would serve me well in the future. Her belief in me was the fuel I needed to know that I didn’t need what others said I did. I wasn’t dictated by how they thought I should live my life. For the next 2 years, I was the top salesperson on my team, all without a “necessary” education.

Eventually, I grew tired of my position, so I left CIBC for employment in 100% commission sales at Acura. I learned very quickly that I had less than minimal knowledge about cars and there was not enough charm I could present that would compensate for this. Rather than let my insecurity best me like it did in the past, I studied up. Learning the trade became my life until I could be comfortable among the other vehicular enthusiasts. I could recite every little detail from the brochure, I spent time outside of the shop learning every minute detail, and I joined the mechanics to understand all of the inner workings. What I learned was that I could use my own strengths (ie. salesmanship) to overcome my weaknesses and be better than I was before. Outside factors didn’t matter, I had to be the best I could be for me. I deflated my own self-doubt and became one of the top salespeople.

During the next two and a half years, I sold a vast amount of cars, and a good portion of those was to real estate agents. This led me to think that there was a way that I could get into bigger ticket items. I was immediately actively pursuing my real estate license. During this process, I happened to sell a car to an agent and I was excited to pick his brain. “You’re too young, don’t even think about getting into real estate. It’s a man’s game and you’re not that.” That was essentially the summation of his egotistical ramblings. Taken aback by his statement, my 22-year-old self needed no more fuel to prove the world wrong. I quit Acura and spent all the time I could muster to selling real estate. Admittedly, I had a chip on my shoulder due to my efforts of just trying to prove one guy wrong. The following year I was filled with resentment, anger, and more self-doubt. I felt my dreams were petty and uninspired, as I recall all of this it comes flooding back to me.

2004 marked a major turning point when I met someone who would become my mentor, business partner, and dear friend, Simon Giannini. He lent me his Tony Robbins CD’s to listen to on my commute. I got the impression he could sense my overwhelming pessimism. The consistency of bombarding myself with positive messages started me on a path of self-reflection. It helped me realize that I was allowing others to negatively influence me and that I had the power to excise this from my mind.

For the remainder of my twenties, I actively worked on altering my mindset. “To bring new clothes into your closet, you have to purge the old ones.” And so I did. This developed into something better than I could’ve anticipated. The more I exuded positivity, the more I attracted it. I also made a conscious effort to avoid negative people. These acts of purging freed up mental space to think with more clarity, perceive things more creatively, and dream bigger than I ever had.

Now fast forward a couple of years, I become a Managing Partner of a team of 25 agents who year after year is in the top 5 teams in all of Royal LePage Canada. We produced over $100 million in sales and helped thousands buy, sell, and invest. On top of that, I am the Creative Director of REC Experience and host of our podcast. I utilize every medium I can to enable people to use the tools and information necessary to achieve what I have accomplished. I want to help those who are hungry do beyond what they thought possible.

My story is not the same as yours, but it’s also not uniquely mine either. At some or many points, you have felt like you don’t belong, that you can’t do much, that this is it for you. Regardless of sex, gender, religion, cultural beliefs, or age, you’ve felt like an outsider. Isolation is a feeling that at some point or another can’t be avoided. Everyone has moments where others have done or said things that stain us in ways we wish didn’t. Doubt is a part of our genetic makeup, but I hope I can leave you with this…

People who are doubting you and your path are likely doubting themselves in the same way. Unfortunately, these individuals never go away. Whether it be those you wish to not fraternize with or those you consider dear. My advice is to view them as hurdles you can leap over. Use their advice and comments as the fire under your feet. If your feet were actually on fire you could jump over the obstacles better due to the additional adrenaline. It’s a metaphor. It’s also very important to recognize those who are in your corner and seek their mentorship. Never be afraid to ask for help. These people can drastically change the trajectory of your life. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. Ignore all of the noise and ask yourself: if I try and really try, can I do this? If you believe it, the answer is always yes. From this point on, it’s a matter of always recognizing that power lies within and all of those negative thoughts are just wasting your time and energy.

It’s time to purge!

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