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Young Digital Marketing Expert Built The Leading Website Design Company In Ireland



In the last ten years, the world saw the rise of new digital platforms that reshaped marketing and advertising. Social media played a significant role in advertising and marketing in this new digital age. As a result, a new kind of marketing has emerged—digital marketing. Entrepreneurs and marketers are using traditional marketing sparingly as they shift towards more and more digital marketing to increase their online profile.

Today, if entrepreneurs want to scale up their business and increase brand awareness, they must adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. It is no longer a question of whether to embrace digital marketing or not. It has simply become a necessity for entrepreneurs.

Craig Murray who is regarded as one of Europe’s top digital marketers agreed that digital marketing had altered the business landscape, changing the way people market and promote their products to consumers. Craig is a young and highly motivated digital marketing expert who is currently on the road to dominating the digital marketing space in Ireland and across Europe.

Getting To Know Craig Murray 

Murray is a seasoned digital marketer with more than a decade of experience undertaking online work. He specializes in the areas of pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO), Google analytics, web design, and internet marketing. Craig has worked for and is partnered with some of the big names in the tech industry, including Google, Microsoft, Europcar, and Game On Media.

“I started my journey in digital marketing building websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. Aside from that, I also perform SEO for a handful of companies. Starting out I implemented Google AdWords campaigns for a company that looked after non-profits and progressed into taking on more and more of companies’ online needs. Since then and until now, I enjoy conducting SEO and digital marketing campaigns for my clients. I love results and so do my clients!” Craig narrated. Craig said that he had been doing internet and digital marketing for at least ten years. Many don’t believe him when he says he started at 14 years of age so at nearly 30, he had been online marketing for nearly 16 years. He added that in over a decade, he had witnessed the growth of the web and digital marketing and how it altered the business landscape. “I have been doing this for a very long time. So many changes have happened in the last 16 or so years. The digital marketing space continues to evolve every day, and with that, I must keep upskilling in order to meet the needs of my clients” he continued.

The field of digital marketing is continuously changing. That is why Craig is persistently educating himself on the latest developments in digital marketing to maintain his competitive edge. “I never stop learning new things about my field. I follow the top guys in digital marketing to enhance my skills to achieve great things. I always say to learn is to earn and I will never think that I am the best at everything. There is always room to progress and appreciating that some people are better than you in some areas is key as you will listen and learn from them.” Craig explained. Over the years, he managed to earn numerous digital marketing certificates, Hubspot’s Inbound Certification, and Google partnership. In 2016, Craig started what has now become a highly established web design agency in Ireland and is on course to grow to new heights that he had never imagined.

Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency In Ireland

Craig started Craig Murray Digital, which caters to small and medium-sized enterprises. “It is my goal to provide affordable digital marketing solutions to small businesses and help them get online. As we all know, if businesses want to scale up, building an online presence is inevitable. Unfortunately, not all agencies are on the same page with their clients and do not deliver the results necessary to succeed.” Craig said.

Craig is using all the skills and knowledge that he acquired since he started his digital marketing journey to help others achieve the same results. As a result, he is providing unparalleled digital marketing solutions to his clients. Craig has developed over 1,000 websites for Irish businesses and managed more than 500 Google AdWords accounts for companies. Craig’s company also earned recognition as the leading website design company in Ireland and its founder is being considered as one of the top digital marketers in Europe if not the world. It is an incredible feat considering that Craig Murray Digital is only three years old. However Craig will remind you that there is 16 years behind this machine and success and that it was not overnight!

Unrivaled Website Design

Craig said that the key to his growth was that they provide the most affordable website design for small businesses across Ireland. “The package that we offer is of great value at a competitive price. Our package, by far, is less expensive than what is being offered by competitors. Add to this the experience I bring to the table to grow the website and optimise it afterwards. We cannot be matched.” Craig added.

Craig explained that they not only build a professional website for their clients, but they design a website that will help their business grow and achieve online success. By having a professional website and complimenting this with a custom online strategy to generate leads and new business. Craig said that they don’t use a “one size fits all approach” and that they collaborate with their clients to map out their ideal customer persona and goals online, which is the crucial ingredient in why they have successful website projects. Their website projects revolve around five key elements: requirement, investment, goals, content, and communication.

In such a short period, Craig’s agency has altered Ireland’s web design market and completely dominated it. As well as this he feels he has completely changed the game for all companies looking to get online and do so affordably. He believes he has opened clients’ eyes to what’s possible and that not all companies have their best interest at hand and just see money. A good understanding of what can really be achieved and at what prices is key. It is astounding that in just a little over three years, Craig has established the best website design company in Ireland. He owes his success to the unmatched quality of their work that exceeds the expectations of its clients.

His clients are so satisfied that they never hesitate to recommend Craig for the website design needs of their friends and fellow business owners.  One happy client described Craig as willing to deliver on precisely what he needs at a reasonable price. He also praised the excellent support service and online tutorials that Craig provided to help maintain his web page after finishing the project. It is without question that Craig treats each client as a friend and takes pride in their business long after he develops their website, so they do not just become another number.

Final Thoughts

Craig has helped transform many small businesses by making accessible and affordable digital marketing tools vital to growing their business and finding new customers. “I want to lend a helping hand to small businesses to achieve their online goals. Helping them go online allows them to find new customers since digital platforms have a broader market reach than traditional ones,” Craig said. He added that it never crossed his mind that he will be this successful early on. “Seeing thousands of small businesses grow is probably my greatest reward as a digital marketer,” he continued.  It helps to be able to work from anywhere to and with the current climate worldwide, more and more people will look to migrate online and I will be there to give a helping hand!

If you want to work with Craig Murray on your next website project and digital marketing campaigns, please kindly visit his website at https://craigmurray.ie or drop him a message at [email protected]

Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed. He is one of six founders to be featured in an Inc Magazine article on "Millennials with a Thriving Business" and has also been featured in the Huffington Post as a 19-Year-Old dominating the PR space.

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Want To Reach Your First $10,000 Month? Avoid These Three Biggest Mistakes That Keep You Stuck In Your Business



Struggling entrepreneurs often wonder why their businesses are not thriving, despite working long hours and consistently marketing their offers. What they probably don’t realize is that they are making three common mistakes that can be easily prevented.

For young entrepreneur Ellen Yin, it is easy to spot why some entrepreneurs are failing to achieve their first $10,000 month. Yin explained that they are likely committing three big mistakes that keep them stuck in their business. “Based on my own experience scaling my service-based business to multi-six figures and helping other entrepreneurs make their first $10K month, trying every strategy being taught by industry gurus will keep you overwhelmed and chasing shiny objects. We’ve been sold this lie that we have to post every single day on every platform like a content machine, or that building a large following should be your number one priority. They always advise entrepreneurs to increase their online presence on social media platforms. What I have learned is the simpler you can keep your marketing system, the better.”

Mistake#1: You Need A Large Audience To Make Your First $10,000 

Yin said that most entrepreneurs think that they need to build a large following so they can attract new clients. “This is not the case for most service-based businesses who are working with clients one-on-one. You do not necessarily need to have a huge following or audience on social media to make your first $10,000,” she added. Also, she emphasized that popularity does not equal to profitability, saying that, “I only had 3,000 followers when I made my first $10K month.”

Many entrepreneurs will ask what they should do instead. Yin responded that it is easier to borrow influence than to create it. “You do not need to wait to build a large audience in order to connect with your ideal clients. What you need to do is find them in the communities where they already exist,” she said. It is an efficient strategy executed using targeted hashtags, search filters, and platforms built by influencers in your space. She added that entrepreneurs must look for individuals who are already talking about the need that their business or service can fill. “In my experience, it is easier to sell to someone who is already problem aware and is just looking for the right solution than trying to convince an individual that they have the problem that your service can solve,” Yin said. Instead of paying so much attention to vanity metrics like their number of followers, she urged entrepreneurs to focus on profit-driving activity.

Mistake#2: Trying To Achieve An Income Goal Without A Game Plan 

Yin observed that some entrepreneurs try to reach their income goals without having a strategic plan.  “They forget that a dream without a plan is just a wish. You need to reverse engineer how to get to your income goal and develop a marketing plan based on data, not on guesswork,” she added.

“If you are standing on one side of the river and you want to get to the other side, you need to build a bridge so you can cross the river and get to that side,” Yin explained. 

Yin shared, “I guide entrepreneurs in answering a set of questions to reverse engineer their first $10,000 month.” Yin asked entrepreneurs how many hours they spent in a week delivering their client work and the number of hours they need to complete it. “It allows you to determine the maximum client load that you can handle in a week. By answering these questions, you can better establish how to price your services to reach the first $10,000 month,” she explained.

Yin also asked entrepreneurs to track their average conversion rate, which in turn determines the total number of leads they need to secure each month in order to close their desired number of clients to make their income goal. This gives entrepreneurs clear marketing targets for outbound engagement. “By answering a few simple questions, you can create a customized game plan tailored to your business,” she said. 

Mistake #3: You Need To Post Every Day And Be On Every Platform

Some entrepreneurs spend all their marketing efforts on creating content. They believe that they need to post every single day and be present on every social media platform to make money. Yin busts this myth by clarifying that it’s not the quantity of content but instead the right type of content that results in sales.

Yin explained that posting every day on every platform is time-consuming and not sustainable.  “I know this is an unpopular opinion, but you do not have to put out consistent content to attract consistent clients. What you can do is leverage evergreen content rooted in sales psychology. This content is strategically designed to help your audience overcome their objections before they even speak with you. The right content will educate and attract new potential clients to you daily, even when you don’t post,” she said.

Connect with Ellen

Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, online membership and podcast of the same name for service-based entrepreneurs. “I teach struggling service-based entrepreneurs a step-by-step system to attract consistent clients and make their first $10,000 month,” she explained. Through her social media marketing agency, she has helped boost the growth of many businesses, from local startups to multi-million-dollar and Fortune 500 brands.

To learn more about Ellen Yin, please kindly visit her website at www.ellenyin.com.

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Marwan Shaheed The Blogger Turned Entrepreneur En-Route To Ultimate Success



Marwan Shaheed The Blogger Turned Entrepreneur En-Route To Ultimate Success

Marwan Shaheed is on the peak of taking over the business world. This blogger turned entrepreneur has been in the mentorship of world elite businessman and now is set to follow their footsteps to thrive in the industry to reach the ultimate peak.

Marwan is a 30 years old blogger turned businessman. He has recently been creating a buzz in the business world with his expertise in marketing and branding. Brands have claimed this young entrepreneur has helped them generate millions using his core knowledge and experience.

Marwan’s theory is simple with business, “lucky are those who make money while traveling on other expenses”. In this dynamic world, social media is the best thing ever happened to humans. It has become a mode of making money and one such name who has established himself is Marwan Shaheed.

Marwan in a recent interview with Clout News stated that, for him to help brands reach top results, he never compromises time for quality. These mindsets can for sure help any person reach any goals set and take over any industry.

The young entrepreneur since his start in the business world has toured pretty much the whole world and says, lucky are those who make money while traveling on other expenses.

To stay up to date with all the news about Marwan you can follow him on Google or even add him on all his verified socials named Marwan Shaheed.

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Ryan Alford Is Helping Brands Grow In Real Time Through His Ad Agency Radical



Ryan Alford is a marketing influencer and a visionary entrepreneur, who founded Radical in 2018, a full-service digital ad agency. He is a native of Greenville, South Carolina with humble origins as the second child of middle-class parents. 

Ryan was one of the first college graduates in his family and has since amassed over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising working at some of the most respected ad agencies in the country, like Hill Holliday and EP & Co. Ryan has built two successful businesses from essentially nothing–with no outside investment, just full organic growth.

Today, Ryan focuses most of his time on his ad agency Radical, which is one of the fastest growing ad agencies in the Southeast, approaching four million dollars in revenue in less than two years.

Radical is a full-service digital agency built for nimbleness, speed to market, and unmatched capability. Leveraging a full stack web development team, in-house video production, and a no-rules creative team we build everything from ecommerce websites to custom B2B experiences. Radical was built for today’s client challenges.”

But Ryan was making ads way before he founded Radical. You surely have seen some of his work, whether it is the original iPhone launch or the $1 billion NFL agreement advertising.

“For more than 20 years in the marketing and ad agency business, I have worked on some of the largest brands and most recognizable ad campaigns in the world, including Verizon, Lexus, BMW, the NFL, Firehouse Subs, among others.” Ryan shares. “I also oversaw a $50 million segment of Verizon business working on launches that included the original iPhone launch, the $1 Billion NFL agreement, and the launch of Verizon FIOS.” 

Most recently, Ryan was in charge of building the personal brand of one of the most-watched personalities on Facebook in 2018, the “dancing dentist.” Also known as Dr. C, this personality, whose videos have been watched over 300 million times worldwide, was ignited by Ryan through a national PR plan. 

Besides all this, Ryan also hosts the Radical Marketing podcast, where he shares marketing insights and recommendations, and interviews dynamic influencers both in and out of the business world.

Back in 2014, Ryan was fundamental in the creation of the brand and marketing for one of the first automotive digital retailing platforms called iDrive On-Demand. The traditional purchase of a car often involves repeated visits to the dealerships and negotiations with dealers to reach the best price. iDrive focused on taking the customer’s specific requests via a website portal, including everything from make and model to interior color and fabric, to then search nationwide for a car that fits those conditions. 

Ryan is also the co-founder of GVL Hustle, founded in 2017 by him and Tyler Harris as a way for two of Greenville’s most successful entrepreneurs to contribute to their community through regular events that provided training and cooperation opportunities to upstate businesses.

After founding the GVL Hustle, its community rapidly evolved into one of the largest networking groups in the northern part of the state, and the #GVLHustle hashtag is now the most extensively used Instagram business hashtag throughout South Carolina, as local businesses publish and share their business growth stories.

Through all his ventures, Ryan wants to make sure to promote positivity while also leaving a lasting impact.

I want to feel like I have an impact, and I believe that if you have a positive mind, it solves 95 percent of your problems. We are all susceptible to life, but if you live with positivity and gratitude and appreciation, life will be better. Does it mean I’m positive every ounce of the day? No, but I believe in those core principles, and it keeps me going through.” Ryan shared in an interview 

In the near future, Ryan will continue to lead his ad agency Radical while being open to speaking opportunities in marketing, branding, digital marketing, social media and e-commerce.

With Radical, Ryan is helping brands grow in real-time – just as he is. Find out more here.

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