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Gaby Wall Street – Teaching Latinas to Thrive During The Crisis



It’s no secret we are facing one of the most challenging financial times of the last few decades as we weather the coronavirus storm to the best of our ability. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, their prospects, and their futures, with income vanishing in a blink. Gaby Wall Street is on a mission to change that.

In the mist of this economic crisis, we want to put a spotlight on movements like the Latino Wall Street concept championed by Gabriela Berrospi. Financial education is now more important than it has ever been. Believing her unique experience and skillset can help her show Latinos how they can make money from home right now, the Latino Wall Street movement is poised to be the key to financial independence for so many hard-working people today and has become the number one Spanish platform for educating Latina women about the stock market.

Who is Gaby Wall Street?

Gabriela Berrospi is a self-made woman, investor, financial expert, teacher, mentor, speaker, and dreamer, touted as the face of the financial Latina movement today. She is a graduate from the prestigious British School located in Lima, Peru, later completing education at NYU.

Exposed to Wall Street during her teenage years, igniting a curiosity for buying and selling stocks from home, Gabriela feverishly gained stock trading experience she could share with friends, family, and those in need. As she forayed deeper into finance, she discovered as a Latina woman, she was certainly a minority in the industry.  She dedicated her life to sharing this important information with those in her community.

Sharing Vital Info About Wall Street

Gabriela is on a mission to share her knowledge with the general public so that something as taboo and intimidating as stock trading can be more accessible to people. She is particularly keen on helping Latina women since that ethnic minority is wholly left out of financial conversations and business opportunities today. Through Gaby Wall Street, Gabriela is hands-on every day in helping to lift Latina women into higher realms of socioeconomic standing that produces a better, more rounded standard of living.

In addition to working with the public, Gabriela also offers private, one-on-one training sessions where she teaches students about money strategies, earnings, and savings. At the same time, Gabriela works to improve the mentality in her female students, helping them to grow their confidence and prowess in an often demanding and competitive industry.

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Empowering Latina Women

Now is a time in which everyone needs to find new ways to earn a living from home. Gabriela was already teaching Latina women how to generate income sitting at home, perusing the Stock Exchange and converting that information into capital. Determined to pass on her knowledge, experience, and expertise to the women who need it most, Gabriela has helped thousands of women open their eyes and consider the benefits of learning more about Wall Street.

“At times, it can be discouraging at the lack of Latina women interested in this kind of future,” said Gabriela. “Most Latina women have to do it all – they have to care for their kids and families, too. What they don’t realize is that while they’re caring for their families, they can be making a comfortable living right through their computers or mobile devices.”

It Takes a Village

Gabriela works closely with her two co-founders, Alan Burak and Tony Delgado, in the execution of her financial mentoring. Burak brings experience as a Hedge Fund Manager to the table, with Delgado demonstrating his track record in entrepreneurial endeavors and investments. Altogether, the trifecta leverages business, money management, and investment expertise that is simply unmatched.

Though Gabriela’s life has been anything but smooth sailing, she has used hardship and adversity as the bedrock for her platform today. Her determination to help the Latina community, especially Latina women, is at the core of her being.

If you want to learn more about the Latino Wall Street movement you can watch a free webinar here: https://latinowallstreet.com/auto-webinar-registration


As an organization, we exist to empower the new generation of thought leaders, developers, creators, digital marketers and entrepreneurs, to learn new skills, grow their careers, chase their passions and create financial freedom for themselves, their families, and their lives, all while living out their true purpose. Our global campuses and pop-up workshops will help to eradicate poverty. We are part of a global movement to increase diversity in tech and grow new economies in underserved communities around the world. We enable millennials to become what they want to become in life by learning new skills and leveraging the power of the digital economy. We are living proof that all you need to succeed in this new economy is WiFi and a dream.


2020 is the Year of Your $DigitalName



Worldwide, consumers opened their financial wallet apps over one trillion times in 2019, research reported and released by Liftoff and App Annie in April 2020. That trend is projected to continue with the current economic climate. 

In relation to digital wallets, unlike other traditional businesses, the banking and finance industries need not to introduce radical transformation to their procedures for implementing blockchain technology. 

New companies and individuals entering the emerging blockchain / crypto financial system for the first time frequently find it difficult to understand how to easily send and receive money from eWallets. To regular people or mainstream users, the precise steps involved with sending and receiving digital money is currently limiting usage of the blockchain. It is confusing and intimidating and creates insecurity of inputting keys wrong and losing the value of a transaction.

Recently launched in Q2 2020, “Digital Names” simplifies the remembering, typing and everyday usage of digital wallets for crypto payments or receipts into or out of your Digital Wallet.

Digital Names has and continues to surge ahead with improvements for the way we make digital financial transactions. The revolutionary FinTech company, developed by the “Godfather of FinTech,” Thomas Carter and Internet Guru, Frank Corsi, have created a digital payment method that enables users to make their own $DigitalName in the same way .coms’ were, where consumers can use their $name to transact online across 235 blockchains. While most are more familiar with using payment platforms like Zelle, PayPal, Venmo and more, Digital Names offers its users the opportunity to essentially have one username that can be used to send and receive money for everything from retail purchases to even sending or receiving cryptocurrency.

 The technology is backed with security that’s built on top of existing blockchain networks. With Corsi’s years of experience at the height of the Internet’s genesis, as he helped build top-level domain protocols, the all-encompassing digital technology platform promises the pinnacle of digital finance security.

And as the world anticipates an imminent blockchain Internet, Digital Names is ready for the change with infrastructure that will seamlessly transition into the new practice.  Leading finance pundit George Gilder who predicted the dot.com boom states, “Blockchain is the future…it will usher in a world beyond Google.”

Just as you wished you had purchased that domain then; your digital wallet name is needed now more than ever. Your passport to the blockchain internet and payment exchange of the world is now ready for take off! 


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Former Banker Launches A Personal Finance Program and Offers Free Help to Employees Impacted by COVID-19



Francis Beltran is the founder of Qualifyo; a personal finance program with a mission to empower individuals and educate them on topics around money and credit.  

In an interview with Francis a couple of weeks ago, he shared some insightful tips on how he gained the right inspiration to create Qualifyo, overcame financial loss as a banker, and the problem his firm aims to solve. 

A Worthy Cause 

In 2008, Francis suffered enormous financial loss due to the Great Recession which resulted in him having to foreclose on different real estate properties and also return two vehicles to the bank.  

Needless to say, his credit report took a massive nosedive. This resulted in the closure of all his credit cards and even worse, he couldn’t even open a new checking account.  

The experience was deeply humbling but nonetheless, it served to teach many valuable lessons. It took years of constantly learning the hard way to recoup from the loss and rebuild his credit. The trauma from the experience spurred Francis to never find himself in a similar situation again. 

With today’s labor environment and record unemployment numbers, he has made it his mission to help as many people as possible who are in the same situation he was in 12 years ago. Qualifyo is looking to help individuals and families build their financial foundation by improving their credit, and set them up for long term financial success.  

With that said, Qualifyo will be launching a program called Covid Credit Care which will offer free credit restoration for 30 days for employees impacted by COVID-19; healthcare workers, restaurant and bar workers, hair stylists e.t.c. that have been impacted by the economic downturn. 


Solving Major Problems

The credit system in today’s society is not built to favor the average individual. Due to this, bankers, lenders, and financial institutions gain the advantage and profit from the consumer’s lack of knowledge. 

According to a study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, about sixty million people have an error on at least one of their credit reports. 

Qualifyo’s mission is to educate its clients on such issues, usurp power from the majority and give it back to people through empowerment and education. 


Drawing Inspiration 

These last few months, the world has been brought to a standstill due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And because of the nature of this disease, economic activities are mostly on hold. Notwithstanding the negative effect on the economy and a possible looming recession.

These issues served as a call to action for Francis who took action and established his agency. 


To contact Francis, you can reach him via the following channels: 



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Jesus Sauceda Is Dominating The Forex Trading Industry, What’s His Secret?



21-year-old Jesus Sauceda is a full time forex trader from Los Fresnos, Texas.  Jesus is the founder of the 1% Gold Traders; an academy run by him and his team(Wifi Checks), which educated people on how to leverage forex to change their lives. 

In this article, Jesus shares how he was able to overcome the obstacles he faced early on, where he gains the inspiration to chase his dreams of becoming the #1 forex trader in the world and how he handles the stress that comes with forex trading. 

Avoiding Stress And Burnout

Let’s face facts; burnout is a pain in the neck. Whenever we experience this, we go through a state of mental and physical exhaustion. And as a trader, this can break your profit margins.

Whenever Jesus experiences burnout he takes a break and engages in activities that help ease the tension from trading. Activities such as partying with friends, visiting exciting places or simply playing the Wii-U super smash bro’s video game. As long as it’s something that takes your mind away from work and makes you feel at ease, do it.

Drawing Inspiration

What keeps you motivated? You know, that thing you look up to in times of struggle. For some of us, it might be a mentor; for others, it might be the reward we get at the end.

Jesus’ motivation is simply the idea of being part of the 1% of the population. This thought assures him of amassing enough wealth to be able to pursue his dream of philanthropy and help his family always.

Overcoming Obstacles 

One of the obstacles many forex traders face is loss. At the start of his forex trading journey, Jesus’ shares that he lost thousands of dollars ( over $50k) developing new strategies for Gold/blowing accounts.

Over time, this proved to be the best thing that happened to Jesus – it taught him new ways and strategies. Today, Jesus teaches those strategies to his students to help them avoid the same mistakes that he made and shorten their journey to success.

“Knowledge is power when it’s passed down.” – Jesus Sauceda



You can reach out to Jesus on his social media pages


Instagram: Dropoutjesus


Twitter: Dropoutjesus


Facebook: JesusXSauceda77


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