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Learn How Alan Hidalgo became a serial entrepreneur



  1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Alan Hidalgo, and I consider myself to be a serial “millennial entrepreneur” by society’s standards, but I find myself a ‘capitalist’ and prefer that term.

I’ve been fortunate to build, grow, and advise several 6 & 7 figure companies within multiple industries. I currently own a successful marketing firm that generates leads for 7 & 8 figure medical and outdoor service companies. 

My company also did marketing for several influential NFL, MLB, and NBA players and has worked with names like Gary Vaynerchuk.

I also have a partnership in a SaaS software company and run several offline businesses like an Uber taxi fleet business, ATMs, and Airbnb rentals, to name a few.

Aside from my professional life, I’m an avid traveler who has been to over 28 countries before I was 21.

My favorite hobby is traveling to other countries and cities, and I teach people how they can leverage internet businesses to be able to move around without having to worry about how they’re going to generate income.

 I also enjoy politics, entrepreneur educating, and singing.


2. When did you discover you had this skill, and how did it start?

I discovered my business skills when I was 12 years old upon starting my very first business, which was a pet boarding company called “Alan’s Affordable Pet Care,” which went from being just me taking care of dogs to becoming the most successful pet boarding business in my local area.

Using SEO properly, I was able to be listed as the first business in my area for pet boarding services and quickly started getting busy with activity.

I started this business because I wanted to make extra money in the summers since my parents didn’t always buy me things I wanted, I had to be creative and find ways to earn money, which I’m thankful for.


3. Tell us about your company

I run multiple companies, but I’d like to take this opportunity to focus on a new business I launched recently called “Car Fleet Academy,” which is an entrepreneurial education company that teaches people how they can make six figures leveraging Uber and Lyft without ever having to drive a car.

It’s like running your own taxi company, but instead of it being taxis, it’s Uber cars. Imagine having cars making you money daily all hours of the day while you’re sitting at home with the kids or traveling the World. Most people think cars are a depreciating asset, which in most cases, they are because of how people use them or lack “using them.”

 In the same way, home or apartment can be turned into an appreciating asset only by turning it into a rental income property; a car can be turned into a daily ATM, which is cash flow positive.

I went from using my car when I was in college to owning 13 cars that each generates $3,000-5,000 in monthly profits per car making money semi-guaranteed. What I mean by this is: Uber and Lyft are always creating money in every city. 

There are millions of dollars up for grabs in the rideshare market for anyone that wants it in their city; this is because transportation is a constant market need and will never run out! People always will need to get from point A to point B. 

All you have to do is serve those people, and best of all, Uber and Lyft send the customers to you vs. in a traditional business where you have to figure out how to properly market to your customers. You don’t have to worry about any of that with this business model.

Car Fleet Academy has successful students in 50+ U.S. markets, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Australia now. Our average student consists of the everyday entrepreneur, car dealerships, former Uber/Lyft drivers, retired couples, stay-at-home moms, and everybody in between.


4. There are a lot of young people out there who are trying hard to be as successful as you are, what words of advice can you give to them. 

Get into a business that is based on people’s needs or necessities vs. their wants. People will always need to spend money on things they need, for example – food, water, shelter, transportation, insurance. nce, etc.…

These are the industries that are mandatory for one to live in the 21st century. I would say get into a business like this first and build it and scale it up. 

The money is also in being a supplier; suppliers will always be productive because people depend on them. It would also make the most sense to hop into a need’s based business where you have some level of interest or passion because that’ll make it feel a little less like work, and you won’t get bored with it. 

Live below your means for a while and reinvest your money into suitable investments, and you’ll set yourself up for a very successful future.


5. Do you think you have any exceptional talent that’s a key factor for success in your business?

My unique talent that has brought me a lot of success is probably my persistence. Many people have told me I am the most persistent person they’ve ever met.

And in some ways, that is good or bad, but in business, it is critical. Having extreme persistence is the drive that gets you up in the morning and gets people to give you the time of day.

Everyone’s style is different, but I can tell you for the fact that many doors have opened for me, and opportunities or relationships were created because of my persistence. If you want people to believe in you, you have to do whatever and anything it takes.

People who give up easily or are continually changing their image/approach, don’t honestly know themselves, and they won’t get that far from what I’ve observed. You have to stick with something and go full throttle. Eventually, someone will say yes.


6. Is there anyone you’d like to give thanks for being with you on your journey so far?

Yes, I always like to thank my family for being very supportive throughout my journey and bringing along a unique perspective and support system. I’ve also been blessed with exceptional mentors and business partners that are very loyal to me.

I also want to thank God more than all for guiding me along the way and being there during hard times.


7. There’s no business without challenges, what challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Right, that’s very true. For me, wanting to increase has always been a challenge, and knowing how to have a complete balance so that things develop at a pace that they’re supposed to.

I’ve also had challenges at times with not knowing when to relax a little and let things manifest at the right times due to a lack of patience. 

It’s essential to be patient and realize things take time. I’ve been able to overcome these areas by stressing less and trusting the process more. Since then, things have been much better.


8. How long have you been doing digital marketing, and what is your most significant achievement?

I’ve been in the digital marketing space since I was 16, was in  2012. I’ve always been in love with the internet and would always bring a laptop with me wherever I go since I was a young child.

I started learning the internet at an extremely young age and built SEO for businesses since age 12. I developed a keen eye for online marketing since then and used those skills for many areas in business. 

My most significant achievement  closing a 6 figure deal in a single day; it was a great feeling!


9. We would love to stay posted on your journey. List out all your contacts. 







Hi. I'm Somto Ike, A B2B copywriter. I love to write about several topics like health, travel, lifestyle and many more. If I'm not writing, I'm reading a book or cooking. Feel free to contact me on my email- [email protected]

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How To Bounce Back In Business After The Pandemic With Parmarth Mori



person standing near the stairs

Fear is familiar with the unknown. For an entrepreneur, they understand the risk of business, and every single decision change life. Parmarth Mori has dealt with negative anxiety as an IT entrepreneur and gives some tips for eliminating worry as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is appealing, but it can also be a difficult battle, especially when you are running the business. When new entrepreneurs are just beginning, they often fret that they are not going to make it in the business world. Well, it is a familiar feeling among entrepreneurs; some may not know how to overcome it. Here are ways to beat fear by Parmarth Mori.

Leading Entrepreneur of Gujarat Parmarth is the founder of the best website designing company in India PM Communications and Top App Development Company in India.

Identify the doubt

It starts with identifying fear once you realize it, you can eliminate it from your life.

Entrepreneurs need to discover what precisely is causing it. So when you are passing from such stage, just sit down and think about it and ask yourself what is causing these feelings.

Is it the fear of product failing, or is it the concern of not being able to keep up with other entrepreneurs? You have to find out the actual reason first so that you can overcome it.

Embrace Defeat

After finding out the reason of fear, the next thing you can do according to Next Gen IT Entrepreneur Parmarth Mori is to accept it. Let’s say, one of the most familiar fears that every entrepreneur has is fear of failing.

Many entrepreneurs in the start are afraid that they won’t make it like others. Well, this is not a line; it is a fact which is shared by many successful entrepreneurs with their business experience.

Take Risk

They are afraid that a product of theirs won’t appeal to people, and they will face a significant loss of time and money.

Well, Parmarth Mori believes that failure sometimes is beneficial than the direct success. Failure teaches you many things in life and makes you perfect in your field. Failure sometimes also improves you as a professional.

Fears can Guide you in your Entrepreneurial Journey

Fear is beneficial too, and when you have the right doubt means you are on the right path. It helps you improves more and more in your work, which makes you perfect in your field.

So if you are an entrepreneur, it’s a natural thing that you might get afraid. But letting fear take over can severely limit growth and who don’t allow fear take over can become a successful entrepreneur like Parmarth Mori.

He is also working with digital marketing experts, Jigar Saraswat and Monish Solanki on their dream project Indian daily post 25kalak cybercrime website25Ghante Hindi platform, and newscast.

Following these tips can help you grow better with confidence; they need to prosper in the world of business. Always remember that building a successful business, you need patience and dedication.

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Matthew J Phillips is Disrupting How Coaches are Normally Helped



Best Coach who can help you earn in six figures:

We’ve all seen it, the hundreds of courses out there designed to take coaches and consultants to 6 figures in 30 days. The gurus charging 5k for 1-1 to help only to throw you a couple of finding your avatar worksheets. Isn’t it sad that the majority of support out there for struggling coaches, consultants and mentors sucks?

Matthew J Phillips under 20 Entrepreneur:

Matthew J Phillips a 19 years old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom has completely disrupted this. His educational company and Organic Clients Program has transformed the lives of hundreds of coaches for a fraction of the price of these low detail, overpriced courses, and guru mentorship programs.

Earning in big numbers:

As proof, from an investment of $300, coach Adam Smith made $7,000 in 5 days. From an investment of $1,000, Gilberto Morales made $11,000 in under 4 weeks. From an investment of $500, Devansh Sharma made $9,000. You don’t see these types of success stories anywhere else.

Matthew knows how to run programs and content on social media platforms:

We think it’s fair to say Matthew and his company have truly disrupted how coaches are helped. His programs and content across platforms like Facebook & Instagram simply work and it’s not just Adam, Gilberto and Devansh that have seen success. They’re just a few of hundreds.

Learn how to gain more leads:

We asked Matthew how you pick the right person to learn from if you’re looking to start fixing up your problems and get more leads and clients flowing through on a week-to-week basis. He said, your best bet is to not go searching for a big guru. The best help he’s ever had is from highly successful individuals that don’t have their face plastered on every youtube video, podcast and ad. Shop around in quality groups on Facebook.

Nice Human Being:

He also says to avoid anyone who’s only success stories go along the line of this “You should work with Jack, he’s a real nice guy”. Again, this is common amongst those that plaster their face on ads and are not in the slightest bit results-oriented with anyone other than themselves. Also, you want to make an ROI, someone saying that someone is a nice guy shouldn’t give you confidence that you’ll see that ROI. You want to see real success stories.

Last words:

Matthew’s fuel to help those in his industry, the right way, comes from individuals like one of his students who spent $40,000 on courses and gurus with not a client closed in return. After sitting down with Matthew, we believe he is disrupt approved.

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Learn How Jess Crow Became The Successful WoodWorker She is Today



 Jess Crow Is the founder of Crow Creek Designs, a woman-owned and operated woodworking shop located in Alaska. She is widely known as a leading authority in the artistic woodworking and epoxy industry.

 Crafting A Name For Herself

 Jess has not found it easy to get to the level she is currently at; Jess explains that she has made a name for herself by trying to be being an inspiration and sharing everything she’s learned so far. 

 By striving to be approachable and willing to accept advice from anyone; Jess feels that that has been an essential contributing factor to her growth, both personally and professionally.

 So far, Jess’s designs have caught the eyes of notable individuals like Team Gary Vaynerchuk in New York, LinkedIn, as well as Insider, DIY Network, and many more. She’s well on her way to becoming the most sought after woodworking epoxy artist in her field. Jess also is a highly sought after teacher for those wanting to learn how to grow their business despite facing challenging obstacles and learn how to “build more than furniture.”

 Overcoming Obstacles

 Obstacles are a part of everyday life, and so far, Jess has dealt with more than a handful of them. Some of the challenges she has had to deal with include criticism and rejection.In a lot of Social Media circles, the advice is often “stick with what other people are doing,” and that is how you can succeed. Jess has found that standing out and being different than the crowd is the way to go.

 “It is a lot easier to conform to what is known than it is to break free and become what is will be known.” – Jess Crow

 Below Jess shares how she handled this obstacle;

 “To overcome not only these obstacles but any obstacles that are in my way, I run through all the problems I think I could happen. For me, I function better when I am not surprised. 


Some folks may see this as “worrying” whereas I feel it falls more in-line with pre-gaming and planning. If you can think about, the “no’s” you may get; you can fine-tune your approach based on that information.”

 Making A Difference 

In a field that’s dominated by men, Jess sometimes finds that her voice sometimes has to be louder to make an impact. Although this sounds daunting, Jess has taken it as a good thing. She shares that she’s learned so much from her male counterparts and that she feels her ability to accept the different ways men and women think has given her an edge. 

She listens to what everyone has to say, and if she deems it’s worth trying, she takes it and adds it to her knowledge bank to make something new or better.

 “Woodworking is an art unto itself, but when you add unexpected elements by way of color and objects, it is exhilarating.”- Jess.


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