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Learn How Joseph Rotondo, Founder Of RockyClark, Is Transforming The New York Apparel Industry



Joseph Rotondo is the Founder of RockyClark Clothing, an apparel company in New York City whose sole aim is to create unique denim jeans for its growing customer base. 

Founder, Joseph, originally from Warwick, NY is a 25-year-old living in Brooklyn with a dream to transform the denim jean industry. As far back as he can recall, Joseph has disliked clothes that don’t fit properly, have a two-year shelf life and aren’t thoughtfully crafted. This was the only inspiration he needed in order to start an apparel revolution. 

Brewing Passion

As a kid, Joseph shares that he was always curious and searching for answers. In order to find the solution, he sought to learn to tailor.

At the age of eighteen, Joseph learned how to sew from his aunt. Since then, he’s seen clothing as a way to exercise his creative muscles.

Overcoming Obstacles

So far, Joseph has faced a lot of obstacles associated with running a business, from common things like product development and learning what works to more subtle problems like his personal style.

He shares that the only way he surpassed this problem was by simply focusing on the reason why he started RockyClark; his love for clothing. 

“I never made jeans for people to love them. I made them because I love them. Over the years, I searched for the ideal pair of jeans but couldn’t find them. I wanted a pair of jeans that actually fit me and have the aesthetic of durability, so I made the RC001 pants.”- Joseph shares.

Over time, Joseph’s friends recognized his unique style and he saw this as a signal to produce more jeans.

Currently, Joseph is facing two challenges; The first is business management( problems related to systemizing a business) and the second is growing a loyal audience. He plans to tackle these obstacles by harnessing the vast amount of resources that technology has given the modern world. 

“We are in a time where there is so much information available at our fingertips, so there’s no excuse to not give something your all, besides what’s there to lose?” – Joseph

Exceptional Talent

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. – Napoleon Hill

Joseph is a creative mind who enjoys coming up with new ideas and concepts. He explains that being surrounded by other creatives stimulates him mentally.  Here’s Joseph’s take on sparking creativity as an entrepreneur; 

“It’s fun to visualize a concept from seed to tree. Not only the product or idea but also how you would market it, and sell the story it tells. Rocky Clark is just one idea of mine that is being executed but there are so many more.”

Grooming Successful Habits

Sports have been a major contributor to Joseph’s life in terms of forming good habits. In sports, you have to be your biggest fan, prep talker and motivation. 

And most of all, you’re accountable for whatever success or failure you experience. This motivates you to do the needful at the right time in order to move on to the next step.  

Joseph recommends that you micro-manage yourself and be mindful of what you’re doing, you should also not beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned. Failure is all part of the process.

Another activity Joseph proposes is meditation, meditation gives you time to reflect on events that have happened in your life. During this time, you should figure out what’s working out and where you can improve upon.

About Rocky Clark

Rocky Clark is a clothing brand that was established in 2015 on the premise of making sustainable clothing in America. When Joseph (Founder) was enrolled as a Textile Design Student at the University of Rhode Island, he noticed that no other company had this goal in mind. 

This marked the birth of Rocky Clark. What started out as a cause to raise awareness about sustainable clothing has become a revolutionary brand seeking to transform the clothing industry. 

Joseph was prompted to take action from the mere desire to make a change and execute. Today, he spends every minute thinking about how to take Rocky Clark to the next level. 

At the start, Rocky Clark was more of a passion project. The firm produced hemp T-shirts, Hemp Hat, bags, dog leashes and eventually, Jeans!

“I love denim. I’m known to many people in my life as the denim guy because the concept of it fascinates me. How something can be so worn and distressed and eventually produce something that now 20-year-olds pay upwards of $300 for ‘vintage’ denim our dad’s used to wear cutting the grass.” – explains Joseph, Founder of Rocky Clark.

Over the years, Joseph has seen some changes take place in his industry due to his mission to make sustainable clothing commonplace and gradually he’s formed a movement called “denim with a purpose.”

If you’re wondering how Joseph came up with the name Rocky Clark, well, he coined it from joining his middle name, Rocky, with his dog’s name, Clark.

Words Of Advice

Here are some words of advice from Joseph to anyone who’s striving for success; 

“Love what you’re doing and have patience. If you are truly passionate about what you’re doing you won’t care how long it takes or how much work it is. 

I want to create apparel for RockyClark for the rest of my life. It comes with concept changes, iteration, more concept change – but the love and passion have never gone away. 

Do what you think is cool. Does it matter if the masses like it? You will find your following, you will find your people. Rocky Clark is for me but also our planet because I care about the impact. 

I want everyone to know who makes these pieces, the factories we use. Having that transparency is key!”


I've always had a knack for storytelling! Hi there, I'm Chukwuma Agugbue. I'm a copywriter and, a blogger. I Interview individuals who've achieved some sort of success in their field- Actively building a knowledge base for Millenials

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6 tips to not go crazy in your home office





Because of the current coronavirus situation a lot of people, including me, left their offices on a Friday and BOOM!! Started working from home on a Monday!! However for people with ADHD like me can often feel overwhelmed on the fact of being completely isolated.


Here are 6 tips to avoid going crazy in your home office:


#1  Suit Up

Sounds simple but it helps a lot with your motivation. This is all a mental game letting your mind know you still have a routine to follow. I know wearing your jammies is tempting. DONT DO IT! Dress as you would for work.


#2 Stick to Your Working Hours

This is a very important rule to NOT overdoing work. People tend to work more when working from home. Avoid that BURNOUT. Lock in your 8 hours of sleep.


#3 Work in a Dedicated Space

It is tempting to work in your bed. DONT DO IT! Try to work in a separate room with no TV and yes, NO NETFLIX!! If you leave your room you are out of your “office”. This helps seperate your work from your free time.


#4  Limit Distractions


Like I said before, This ain’t no Netflix and chill!! Put that phone on vibrate turn off that gaming console and TV OFF!!


#5 Be Transparent

Your colleagues don’t know what your up to . Make sure to keep them up to date about what your working on.


#6 Stay Active

Try to exercise during the day! The daily walks to the coffee machine and the conference room are GONE! Try to compensate this with exercise.


Stay Safe!

These are tough times for many of us. I know going to happy hour and hanging out at starbucks are both very tempting and very missed but lets do our thing to kick this virus in the ass!! Stay home and stay safe.


If you liked this article make sure you follow me on linked in and instagram  for more!! What other topics would you like me to cover? Shoot me a message.

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Dinat Gumerov: The Blogger With A Vision And A Mission



Dinat Gumerov: The Blogger With A Vision and A Mission

In Africa, an understanding comes that life consists not only of parties, entertainment, work, hustle and many other simple things in people’s lives, but also of really serious problems. It is there, in Africa, a place where people not only live or survive, but try to somehow exist. And this is really terrible. Governments and business elites from developed countries must do something to help people. This was told by blogger Dinat Gumerov, describing his visit to East Africa.

Dinat Gumerov is 20 years old, the blogger resident of Moscow, has a vision and a mission, which he is trying to accomplish. According to Dinat, the first thing he saw when he visited one of the countries of the region was the incomparable and original culture, the pristine beauty of the continent. Acquaintance with the culture of local tribal ethnic groups left a very vivid impression – nothing strikes a modern young man as much as contact with carriers of archaic culture.

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Daniel Habif Gives Us Hope Amid Coronavirus Pandemic



There are few individuals as creative, loving, and genuine as Daniel Habif.

Habif, the Mexican entrepreneur, content creator and motivational speaker who has been featured in many important events such as the Live Aid for Venezuela in February 2019, has spoken at major forums such as TEDx, Mexico’s Senate of the Republic and the recent author of his latest book, INQUEBRANTABLES, shows us that amid despair, there is always hope.

In his latest YouTube video, “RETURNING HOME,” Habif shares his thoughts on the current Covid19 pandemic in an honest, candid, and unequivocally, Daniel Habif way, in which only he can express.

“I don’t believe in any kind of boundaries, which is why I am doing this video in English, Italian, French and other languages. I don’t speak very well, but I will try, I always try. By not expressing myself in my native language makes it a beautiful challenge that allows me to remember: ‘That in this life it is more important to be willing than to be prepared.’” Habif says at the beginning of the video.

In the video, which in less than 24 hours received over 60,000 views, Daniel starts by pointing out that because of Coronavirus there is at the moment a lot of panic because a lot of people are going to be isolated, and that all of this is okay. He also claims that the virus has shown us we are not as strong as we thought.

Because people or cars are not flooding the streets as they normally are, Daniel points out the many things that we can notice now: ‘the birds chirping,’ ‘the blue and beautiful sky and not the smoke from the pollution.’

Daniel continues highlighting the good things happening around us. We can now hear the sound of cutlery from our neighbors as families gather to eat together and see parents go back to telling stories to their little children. There are also those who have to stay alone, but now get the chance to talk to themselves, ‘take a longer shower, eat breakfast slowly, put on some lotion and feel your hands.’

People sing from their balconies and realize they can live their lives with less than they normally get or think they need. Everyone now also has time to clean their minds and have a ‘space to settle themselves,’ and be able to focus on the little pleasures of life we don’t always notice.

In a little less than 11 minutes, Daniel is able to give us the hope we need today more than ever. With a call to go back to love, to forgiveness, and to reflection. This has been an experience for all of us, and it has undoubtedly shown us that we normally live at an unnecessarily fast speed that can lead us to a ‘spiritual heart attack.’

“We will soon remember that our world is abundant and we will discover that sickness is our empty attitude, and that’s okay. Because if we want, only if we want, soon goodness will regain control of humanity and we will all seek to offer comfort, give food and after all this time of not hugging, we will want nothing more but to love, we are going to rethink our lives we are going to want our life to serve the tired, the anguished and the homeless. We will be forced to forgive because we have realized that we all need each other.” Daniel states in the video.

Daniel closes by asking people to cooperate rather than compete, and to pray for the rebirth and revival of love. He makes the point that this pain cannot be for nothing–that we should learn something from this and come out of it improved.

RETURNING HOME” has been able to move thousands of people from all over the world–drawing comments of amazement, bliss, gratefulness, reflection and unity. Check it out and share it with people who may need to be lifted up today. To watch Daniel Habif’s “RETURNING HOME” video, click here.

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