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How This Millennial Media Expert Made His First Million As A Startup



In the past few years, “millionaire” has been the buzz phrase among entrepreneurs. Most startup millennials in the business industry have made it their target symbol of choice to be 6-7 figure earners. Proper brand awareness and recognition is a crucial path in achieving this goal. Nonetheless, the speed at which startups grow has been a significant factor for their achievement. Research shows that more than 70% of startups fail because of premature scaling. Leo Olsen Guillot will make you undertake sober decisions, based on his early success as a millennial startup.  

Leo Olsen Guillot is the founder of Olsen Media. He made his first million in 2017, nine months after launching his company. And Guess what? He was barely 19. Leo started his marketing agency mainly through retainers, managing feeds like ads and building a sales funnel. He also did a course to help businesses scale up faster, selling it at a low price. His strategy helped many small entrepreneurs that wanted to scale their businesses. Leo later sold his brand Mastermind.com to Clickfunnels, and today he does social media consulting for companies. But what is the secret behind this incredible success?

Taking Advantage Of The Digital Space

Social media has been a critical player in the digital marketing space. Leo understands the hidden potential that social media has to the business, especially for startups, since they have to work from the bottom up organically. Leveraging on the digital space is beneficial for startups. It helps startups to: 

  • Improve customer insight. 
  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Reduce the costs of operations. 
  • Improve brand loyalty.
  • Promote a higher conversion rate. 
  • Have a more luxurious customer experience.
  • Access the client all day and personalized ads.
Building A Sales Funnel

Sales funnels have a significant impact on consumer behaviour. Leo knows that anyone who wants to sell like crazy should have a proper sales funnel in place. Defining your sales funnel is one of the most powerful concepts that startups should grasp. Your sales should revolve around awareness, interest, decision and action. These four stages represent your prospective customer mindset. According to Leo Olsen Guillot, creating proper sales funnel for startups can help in increasing conversion rates. Besides, it also helps predict sales volume and identify areas with problems. 

One of the significant challenges startups face in small business is that they want to make a sale immediately when they come in contact with a potential client. Though the shortest path is usually a straight line, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right one. 

 Mentoring And Coaching

If you want to go fast, go alone. However, if you’re going to go far, go together. Helping others to succeed is one of the best ways of climbing the ladder of success. That is why Leo Olsen Guillot is at the forefront of mentoring and coaching startups. He offers required courses that are pocket-friendly prices to help startups scale up quickly and hit the millionaire mark within a short time. 

Coaching is very vital in business, as well. It builds a positive and concrete change in startups. It helps them grasp the necessary knowledge that they require for them to scale quickly. 

Lessons To Learn

Leo enjoys 30-50 leads every month with a closing rate and sales cycle of around 20%. In 2018 he spoke at a seminar in Paris called Bizclub live. Ever since launching his business, sales funnels, influencer marketing, social media sales and ads have since become his thing. But what characters keep propelling this champion to greater heights every other day?

  • Hard Work

Success has never come easy. It is always about working smarter. If you want good things, it will help if you wait, but if you wish to get better ideas, then you will have to get out of your comfort zone and work for them. 

  • Determination

Making it in business does not necessarily mean you need to be old. Whether you are a teen or in your early 20’s you can still scale your way up. Just at 19 Leo was already earning big. Why? Because of great determination and a winning spirit.

Do you want to be a millionaire? Then the most challenging barrier is yourself. Break the wall by getting started today. Have a good plan, cultivate your passion, persist and have a proper brand. Success belongs to you!

Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed. He is one of six founders to be featured in an Inc Magazine article on "Millennials with a Thriving Business" and has also been featured in the Huffington Post as a 19-Year-Old dominating the PR space.

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Nothing Can Stop a Real Hustler: How Karla Singson Grew Physical and Online Businesses in Asia



When you look up hustler in Google, it gives you the definition ‘an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter’. This does seem to fit Karla. She is aggressive, enterprising, and a definite go getter. But looking back at who she was 10 years ago and looking at her now, I’m not sure that hustler is even the right word anymore.

Fifteen years ago, Karla was a school athlete and quite a “nerd”. She wrote for the school paper, joined the cheerdance group, and played table tennis. She was 16 when she joined her University’s Debate Club. She still remembers the feeling: “I’m the only female freshman. I’m so nervous. But it’s okay. I’m going to do it”. Three years later, she became President of the Debate Club.

She graduated at nineteen (yes a Bachelor’s degree in business), tried being an employee, then eventually decided that business was better for her. It took her only eight months to realize this, and then she ventured the entrepreneur life. She formalized her gift shop and started another business, an events and PR company.  

Today, Karla is a consultant, a serial entrepreneur, an award winning writer, mentor, and speaker. Her clients range from industry giants like Sony Philippines, Air Asia, UNICEF, USANA, and SM to small-medium enterprises. Her first business, Gifts Davao, is now a successful dealership, with ten locations all over the country. Her events business, PREP, grew too. They have served over a hundred brands — big and small. Along the way, she also delved in a few successful online ventures. At twenty-eight, she was awarded at the Asia CEO Awards – Entrepreneur of the Year (Circle of Excellence). 

How does she do it? 

Karla lets us in on her secret to growing small-medium enterprises to millions 


Get to Know Your Client – Inside and Out

Sales is largely human psychology, and you begin the study with your client. Get to know your client. Talk to them, listen to them, ask for their feedback, and observe their behavior. Know what motivates your client and what makes them tick. When you understand how your clients think and what motivates them, you begin to understand their behavior. Later on, you will learn to predict their behavior. This is when you can sell almost anything to them. Know your clients fully.

Choose Profit-first, low capital (or zero capital) businesses

Starting a business with zero to low capital is definitely possible. This is especially ideal when you’re just starting out. A profit-first business means you get paid, even before the service is provided. The next step is to grow that profit – make more sales. Frontload your business with sales and purposefully increase the gap between sales and expansion. Sales should always be ahead. Cash should always be available. Cash on hand is the single most important thing when you’re just starting. Worry about expansion second, all problems will be taken care of if you have the cash/sales.


Grow as a Leader

Growing your business is extremely exciting. Closing deal after deal and selling effectively can be addicting. As you grow your business, grow your leadership skills as well. You are no longer working on your, and you are no longer the sole owner of your business. Your business will not thrive with you alone – you cannot carry that weight. You need the help of your team. As they look up to you as a leader, inspire them, motivate them, lead them, and manage them. Leading your people is taking care of your people. And it’s true what they say, take care of your people, and your people will take care of your clients.

With these 3 tips, Karla makes success in business seem simple. But simple doesn’t always mean easy. There will be obstacles along the way, and you will need help and guidance. The fastest path to growing your business – find a mentor.

Or better yet, find a mentor who’s also a hustler. But then again, is Karla a hustler? There seems to be no perfect word to describe who Karla is. She is a topnotch businessperson and leader overall, and she doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. 



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What Does It Take To Be The Real Mckoy In The Music Industry



Recently Disrupt covered the interview  with Billboard and  Bad Bunny about his music so we decide to dig deep on some questions on what it takes in this industry with “The Real Mckoy.”

Music has been part of cultures for thousands of years.

It moves mountains of pain and can motivate men and women into battle.

It’s been part of the human race as far back we can go into history.

What really goes into the birth of music?

What’s the process that extends from the airwaves to our hears? 

We sat down with Mack aka ‘The Real Mckoy’ to pick his brain on what makes him

tick and his advice to others wanting to reach similar levels of success. 


Why is music your passion and purpose?

Music is something that I believe is rooted deeply in me.

I have always loved and been a fan of good music.

My purpose is to try to reach and inspire those that I am able to.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your career?

My biggest challenge early on was finding people who were serious about pursuing a career in the music industry as much I was.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to be an artist?

I would advise people who really want to be an artist to go for it if that is what they truly desire.

However, I would also advise them to really question there reasoning for pursuing it.

Is it something that they truly are passionate about? or are they doing it because it “seems cool”?

What does the future look like for The Real Mckoy?

Musically, I believe I will always continue to make music. As far as for other endeavors, I am open to new opportunities that will allow me to express myself as well allow me to be of service to our culture and society.

The Real Mckoy Channels




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Tyler Hill Ambitious Entrepreneur Disrupting Social Media Game



The Next Frontier 

Every generation has it’s breed of genius. It’s innovative beings that set forth new waves, in the world.

Tyler is disrupting those waves with a tsunami of innovations in the way we view social media marketing.

Some of us young and some older we all try to pivot and angle or social media to keep up with up every changing and demanding, lighting fast internet.

Hill has mastered a methodology that his students are able to digest and implement within a matter of days. You can find more information about this method at Tyler Hill Systems

Giving Back

Tyler loves to help out his community locally and online.

This is why he advises that you reach out to have a mentor who can help guide you along your journey wither it be online or offline.

Tyler quotes Warren Buffet often and his favorite is.  “By far the best investment you can make is in yourself,” Buffett told Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Andy Serwer 

To The Future 

Tyler Hill is also the COO of Social Blume an Instagram growth firm that prides in effect organic growth.

Tyler says that great things are in store for the future of Social Blume as they work on new projects that combine with the new influencer monetizing systems on Instagram.


If you want to find out more how you can use social media to your advantage and leverage online to help you disrupt your income and skyrocket online Tyler Hill is a great starting point to get some mentoring.


Find out more on Tyler Hill on his Instagram 



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