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Meet Prashant Basista- World’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur



Prashant Basista youngest digital entrepreneur
Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

Prashant Basista is a successful youngest digital entrepreneur who owns a startup called ‘ The Digital Fame ‘

Well Known, Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and Marketer Prashant Basista from Delhi, India. CEO of The Digitalk Fame and other Online Applications. an IT-based startup which provides Digital Marketing Solutions and Consultancy to handle technology profoundly.

Waiting to be promoted to Software Engineer, Prashant has already emerged as an inspiring personality for those who know him. He has a well-known youngest Digital Entrepreneur from India. Digital disrupt presents you with an exclusive interview of this talented young mind.


Prashant Basista says with the headways and changing patterns in computerized innovation, advanced promoting is required to take goliath walks later on. The whole brand advertising game has changed definitely throughout the years, with the goal that the media utilization, which fills in as a main consideration to set up the nearness of any brand, item or person. A significant move in the crowd’s inclination and taste has been seen in the ongoing time as customary media has taken the secondary lounge and advanced space is starting to lead the pack.

World today want to look for amusement through online networking stages like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook as opposed to TV and radio. This computerized unrest has made expanse of chances for brand advertisers to make an unmistakable situating for their image by building a correct procedure utilizing the privilege advanced stage and face.

Savvy work can assist representative with procuring quick and large because of Digital Marketing and for that, you need an individual with sound information who can work shrewdly and make a strong battle for web based showcasing to take you from zero to mogul. We are speaking here about Digital Entrepreneur who drives business all through the world on the web. Prashant Basista : “The Youngest Digital Entrepreneur” – In this serious world you should be brilliant to sell your item and make an imprint right now. Prashant Basista is one of the most youthful and effective Digital Entrepreneurs in India who began Digital Marketing from his own business. His Startup The Digital Fame is Leading Brand in Digital Marketing and especially sought after generally in nations like Canada, and Germany.

At 16 years old, Prashant Basista Have Achieved the title of Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and an Honor of Digital Marketing Expert in exceptionally less time Span. He is working with Leading Brands in India like T-Series, Sony India, Mitushibushi, Hyundai, Badshah, Sangram Singh, just as in overall coordinated effort with Drake (Champagnepapi), Hot Money Studios (London) and some more.
Advanced Marketing to develop in

India: Today world is becoming acclimated to versatile and web each person is currently having a portable with web office it resembles another propensity for India. Prashant Basista feels India is yet to comprehend the intensity of web based showcasing and has hopped into this business right off the bat in India and he feels more individuals become mindful of this online advantage his business will become significantly greater
He is Launching an Online Platform for Digital Education and mindfulness about Entrepreneurship and A Government endorsed India’s First Digital Schools to offer a degree in Marketing and Digital attention to Provide Opportunity for youths.

The Digital Fame has a saying to put individuals on the map through an online stage and they are doing it effectively with their advanced information and committed group.
Commitment+ Cooperation= The Digital Fame

Thedigitalfame is the best ever marketing agency in Mumbai. We are in this field for more than 5 years. We had completed more than 100 thousand projects. We are here to boost your online presence at affordable prices. We are here to help you to achieve your goals of increasing your presence on social media. We manage brand content, celebrity accounts, content management. We are specialist in social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click. We will help you to boost your social media presence.

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YouTube Channel Star Casablanca By Mustafa Is Dominating The Platform



YouTube Channel Star Casablanca By Mustafa Dominating The Platform

Star Casablanca is a channel that presents Arab art in a unique manner. The channel has been uploading, the visual songs and displaying news of major artists as it helps to spread the Gulf song in the Arab world. The channel works without encryption with the new HD technology to improve the image.

The owner of the channel, Mustafa,  has been dominating the digital world in Iraq with his contributions and hard work he puts into creating content for his YouTube channel.

Mustafa came up with this unique idea of creating and publishing content on YouTube and reaching audience worldwide, since his start in January 2015, he has accomplished his goals by making Star Casablanca the most subscribed Iraqi YouTube channel with accumulated 7.8 Million subscribers and a total of 2.9 Billion video views.

Since Star Casablanca’s YouTube growth, it’s linked to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook started growing synoptically too. The channels, Instagram account to date stands at accumulated 3.2 million followers and peaking with exponential growth.

You can check out Star Casablanca’s Instagram or YouTube channel to find out more information about them.

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7 Figures in 7 Months: How 4 Entrepreneurs are Thriving During the COVID-19 Recession.



Project WiFi was founded in September of 2019 by Mohammed Shakaoat, Andy Kong, Paul Parker, and Marcello Cantu. The 4 entrepreneurs set out on a mission to provide a beneficial and more reliable investment opportunity for individuals looking to take advantage of the ever-growing industry of E-Commerce. By the end of Quarter 1 in 2020, the start-up has scaled to 7 Figures and currently employs over 50 individuals both here in the United States and at their office overseas. The company is projected to manage over $19 Million in combined assets by the end of 2020. The team stated, “The idea came to us when we started gaining a lot of attention on social media from posting our personal results. People started asking questions when we started selling over $100,000 per month on Amazon. From there, we realized we could expand our total sales reach and make this an extremely profitable company. We all had experience selling on Amazon, but as individuals, we had unique skill sets as well, the team ended up being a perfect fit.”

Who is this business for?

Our Automation service is a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their passive income portfolio. Amazon only allows one seller account per person, so what we do is partner with you, open the store in your name, scale and manage the business 100% for you and split the profits. It is completely hands-off for the investors. Since we maximized our individual stores,

opening stores under investors allows us to increase our total sales reach on Amazon and build a passive income business for them. We handle everything from product research to customer service to fulfilling orders.

How much money is needed to front the products?

We use the dropshipping business model, therefore we do not purchase any inventory upfront. We don’t touch or see any of the products at any time. We only fulfill an order once a customer purchases a product from us, from there we forward the order to our supplier and they ship it directly to the customer on our behalf. Because Amazon pays out every two weeks, we leverage credit lines to float the products until Amazon releases the funds. Leveraging credit allows us to earn massive amounts of cashback points that can be used for travel and purchases.

Is COVID-19 affecting your business?

We work entirely online from our homes and offices. We have actually experienced an increase in volume for a lot of the products we sell, our stores are doing better than ever. People are at home and often scared to leave the house. They rely on 3rd party sellers like us on Amazon to deliver the daily household items they need.

What are you guys planning for the future?

We are looking to expand our team here in the United States and move to a bigger office in Los Angeles. We also have big plans for the future of Project Wifi as a whole. E-Commerce is

always changing and evolving, as a company, we have to as well. Otherwise, we are going to be left in the dust.

Where can we get more info about Project Wifi?

You can get more information about our services on our website, ​projectwifi.io​. You can also keep up to date with us by following us on Instagram, ​@projectwifi, ​@moe.capital, @andyvonde, @ecomcello and @pauiparker.

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6 tips to not go crazy in your home office





Because of the current coronavirus situation a lot of people, including me, left their offices on a Friday and BOOM!! Started working from home on a Monday!! However for people with ADHD like me can often feel overwhelmed on the fact of being completely isolated.


Here are 6 tips to avoid going crazy in your home office:


#1  Suit Up

Sounds simple but it helps a lot with your motivation. This is all a mental game letting your mind know you still have a routine to follow. I know wearing your jammies is tempting. DONT DO IT! Dress as you would for work.


#2 Stick to Your Working Hours

This is a very important rule to NOT overdoing work. People tend to work more when working from home. Avoid that BURNOUT. Lock in your 8 hours of sleep.


#3 Work in a Dedicated Space

It is tempting to work in your bed. DONT DO IT! Try to work in a separate room with no TV and yes, NO NETFLIX!! If you leave your room you are out of your “office”. This helps seperate your work from your free time.


#4  Limit Distractions


Like I said before, This ain’t no Netflix and chill!! Put that phone on vibrate turn off that gaming console and TV OFF!!


#5 Be Transparent

Your colleagues don’t know what your up to . Make sure to keep them up to date about what your working on.


#6 Stay Active

Try to exercise during the day! The daily walks to the coffee machine and the conference room are GONE! Try to compensate this with exercise.


Stay Safe!

These are tough times for many of us. I know going to happy hour and hanging out at starbucks are both very tempting and very missed but lets do our thing to kick this virus in the ass!! Stay home and stay safe.


If you liked this article make sure you follow me on linked in and instagram  for more!! What other topics would you like me to cover? Shoot me a message.

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