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Pam Christian, on How to Master the Art of Manifesting Abundance



Pam Christian is a Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, Influencer, Author (not published yet), and host of the Vlog/Podcast The Juice. Pam speaks out on how to master the art of manifesting abundance and provides tools on how to help us achieve our full potential.

According to Pam, to manifest means to bring a thought or feeling into physical reality. Simply stated, this means that whatever you focus on is what you bring into your world and, whatever you focus on expands. She goes on to say that manifestation is a skill that must be practiced just like learning an instrument or another language. Pam feels that with practice, people can develop the proper attitude and skill set required to bring abundance into their lives. 

Unfortunately, most people struggle with the idea of manifesting, either by not understanding how to go about it or because they aren’t committed enough to put in the work required. There is no shortcut for manifesting what you want to attract in your life. To manifest abundance effectively, it takes visualization, focus, discipline, consistency, hard work, and a burning desire to acquire what it is that you are envisioning. Make no mistake, thinking alone, does not bring about abundance. You will need to take action to bring your thoughts into fruition. Many people misunderstand the role of action in creating the results they are seeking in their lives.  Only the ones who are willing to practice the true art of manifesting, with not only thoughts, but actions, are the ones who will be successful at it and reap the rewards of their efforts. Based on this, many people aren’t able to live up to their full potential and live their dream life. Some of us may be stuck with unconsciousness limiting beliefs about money, wealth, prosperity or whatever else it is that they don’t believe they can have in their life. It is for such reasons that Pam believes that we are living lives that don’t even come close to bringing us fulfillment or allowing us to reach our true potential and bring joy into our lives. Most of us live our lives functioning below our potential. There are many reasons why we choose to live this way, but one of the main reasons is that people don’t want to put in the work required to get the results they want to achieve.  Ironically, it requires just as much work to maintain this low level of life and maintain the status quo as it does by doing the work and achieving the results we’ve always wanted. It is just a different kind of work. Living up to our full potential means stepping out of our comfort zone and expanding our boundaries. Through her coaching and speaking engagements, Pam has guided and helped countless people to overcome their limiting beliefs, break their emotional blocks and utilize tools to maximize their potential and live an authentic and full life.

 Defining Manifesting Abundance

Abundance refers to a plentiful, over-sufficient supply of something. So, to manifest, it means to make it come true, to bring it into reality. It is categorized in a number of ways, with one of the most common being its financial classification. Individuals who seem to effortlessly manifest abundance into their lives have made the decision to be surrounded by those who see the world in its abundance instead of seeing everything through the lens of scarcity. Since manifesting abundance has more to do with mindset, opening your mind to attract abundance requires practice and making shifts in your thoughts. Adjusting your mental focus will require you to divert the way you typically think. So, how do you do that?

Transform Your Mindset

In order to change your thoughts, you have to first address your past conditioning around what you are trying to manifest. Every time you catch yourself worrying or acting out of fear, take a moment to stop and regroup. Practice focusing on all the good that is in your life, work to neutralize your fears and shift your focus. When you believe you already have abundance in your life, more good will come your way. Even though this is easier said than done, the more self aware and conscious you are, the more you can move your thoughts in that direction. The trick is to think and “act as if” you already have what you desire. The premise is that if you “act as if” you have what you desire, it becomes real to you and the brain can not differentiate between what is real and what is being imagined. 

Being happy with what you have right now is a  basic principle of manifesting abundance. Transforming your mindset to tell yourself you are happy involves understanding that you have everything you need, regardless of what you receive. Keep in mind that being attached to the outcome will turn abundance away from you, while detachment will attract it. In other words, think of all the positive things in your life and stop obsessing over your struggles. It’s the obsessive negative self talk that keeps you attached and stuck in your old belief systems which prevents you from manifesting your desires. If you are complaining about situations in your life, it makes it very difficult to see the good. And, if your thoughts are not aligned with your desires and intentions, you are less likely to manifest and, as a result, completely block the manifestation process. There’s no mistaking that your thoughts, your beliefs, and your character are key factors in your level of success, period.

Understand the Concept of Money and Master It

Pam’s perspective on financial success or abundance is very simple. It’s about reconditioning your mind with a new, positive blueprint.  To do this, it is important to take a look at what has created your limiting beliefs and begin to shift that construct. Once you have the tools to manifest abundance under your belt, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to attract into your life, the process will be the same. 

If your goal is to attract financial abundance or success, begin with some self reflection on how your family handled money and their beliefs around money. Start asking yourself questions about how you feel about money, what you feel you are capable of earning and why you have such limiting beliefs related to your potential. Evaluate these answers and begin to think of them in a different way utilizing a different perspective. For a shift to occur, you will need to reframe your beliefs and create a new story and a new relationship around money and then learn to let go of those old beliefs that don’t serve you. It’s important to appreciate where you are in each moment, be grateful for what you already have, stop focusing on the negative and begin to believe in yourself and your ability to earn.  Begin to think of thoughts as energy that fuels your transformation. Therefore, money is currency and currency is energy and energy is your vibration that creates abundance. Money is only a construct in your own mind that can make or break your financial success. If you trust and believe and let go of your limiting beliefs, you allow a shift to happen and energy to flow. You have the ability to control your mindset and, in turn, your mindset will control the abundance you attract into your life. To sum things up, your imagination is the engine of your thoughts. It converts the power of your thoughts into mental images, which in turn manifests into the physical realm.

Boost Your Self Love and Let it Spill Over to Others

 The art of abundance stems from the concept of self love. In order to bring good things into your life, you first need to feel that you are deserving of good things and be truly content within yourself. True contentment comes from a place of self acceptance and loving yourself unconditionally. You have to feel deserving of love to allow yourself to be vulnerable and live your life with an open heart which, in turn, will allow love in. It is crucial to come from a place of contribution wherever you are and always give of yourself as best as you can. Once you master that, your heart will be open and you will be a receptacle for love to flow through, again allowing energy to flow, which is the medium for abundance.  An example of that would be things like getting yourself involved in giving back to society. The more able you are to give of yourself, the more open you are, the more you will receive. Receiving is a natural byproduct of giving. It may not happen right away however, if you stay with it and don’t throw in the towel, it will happen. Conversely, the more closed and guarded you are the harder it will be to penetrate yourself and allow others in and the energy to flow. When you are closed off, you will not be an open vessel for energy or abundance to flow to you.   

To master the art of manifesting abundance follow these guidelines and a transformational shift will begin to happen for you and over time you will see positive changes in your life. The process doesn’t happen overnight, but I guarantee it will happen and the rewards will be worth your efforts. 

Get clear on what you want

Ask the Universe

Write down your goals/what you want to manifest and be as specific as possible

Work towards your goals – take action

Stay laser focused on what you want

Trust the process

Be open to receiving

Keep your vibration high with gratitude and positivity

Clear your resistance

When you create your blueprint, your mindset will begin to change and you will be open to achieving your full potential, then, and only then, abundance will be yours!  What are you waiting for?

Sergio Centeno is a PR Expert that helps brands establish credibility and create brand awareness. He specializes in helping brands get recognized by prestigious publications and featured on major news outlets. He’s worked with influencers with 100K+ followers and a few clients worth over $100M. Sergio is known for helping brands get more clout!

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How To Build A Thriving Brand in 2020 With Entrepreneur Marco Calamassi



Marco Calamassi  is an Italian entrepreneur and founder of BrandsBuilder. BrandsBuilder helps influencers, web personalities, celebrities and media companies develop their own brand, product or service that speaks to their audience. It takes them from Brand Sponsorship to Building and Scaling their own brand.

What is your background ?

My background is in Business Management. But I’ve been involved with online commerce since I was 10, Ebay.com was just becoming a thing and while my friends were outside playing soccer, I was searching suppliers in China and order a full ship container of goods.

What was your first business venture ?

First “online” business I managed to setup was buying and selling sneakers. It was the early history of Ebay and online sales were starting to skyrocket, at the end of the past century. Economies were booming and consumerism was at its peak. I was 10 and making between 5 and 8k a month.

What was your first success story ?

A surprisingly successful business deal was the purchase of a full container of Jumping Stilts when I was like 12. When I saw the truck with the ship container arriving at my house, from China, made me “wow”. I was able to flip those Stilts for a 6x markup.

Remember to follow him on Instagram

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From College Football Star to Fitness Apparel Owner; Journey of Justin Allen



Justin Allen

For most athletes the next step after college is to head straight into the major leagues. Whether that is the NFL, the NBA, the MLB or even the NHL the journey to get to the next level is almost 90% of all collegiate player’s plans. They put their bodies on the line for those college years without the ability to earn a penny from their talents on the field. Getting to the next level is the common goal that makes all the hard work and sacrifices throughout college worth it.

Meet Justin Allen. He is a serial entrepreneur, but before all of that he was a nationally ranked linebacker at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. He attended that college as a business management major which propelled him not to the NFL, but to be the owner of several companies. His biggest company to date is a fitness apparel clothing called “DA Method Apparel”.

Planting the seeds

Since an early age Justin Allen knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. Although he had dreams of playing in the NFL, his vision of ownership eclipsed those thoughts. He went to share with me that entrepreneurship has always been apart of who he was. He came from a very driven, disciplined and hardworking background. His parents were hard workers so it was something that was always around him. Although as child, his job was always to focus on his education, his personal love for sports, work ethics of determination, dedication and follow through seemed to reveal itself in everything that he did. Whether it was in the classroom, church, the football field or just as a leader amongst his peers. When a strong foundation is built on those principles it becomes second nature to put your all into everything you touch.

Determinate Action

Understanding Justin’s passion for sports, entering into the fitness apparel industry was not to far from his love. Knowing he would be competing with some heavyweights in the fitness apparel industry such as Nike, Champion, Under Armor, Gym Shark and many more. I wanted to understand what inspired his company “DA Method Apparel”.

“The goal of DA Method is to be a lifestyle brand. The apparel is piece of a larger entity where the overall focus is to inspire and empower the whole individual to be the best that they can be, period. Being the best is more than physical, it’s mental, emotional and environmental” Justin says.

He believes in and stands by the principles of his brand Determinate Action – You as the determinate must put the method into action.

Turning Point

As a fellow entrepreneur there is always a turning point that puts us in a certain direction. Justin attributes his turning point to a time when he was working for another company and they asked him to either sell them his business or quit. It was then that he had to make a decision to make the safe and comfortable choice or go all in and bet on himself. Clearly he chose the latter.

PG Valor Basketball

To date his company is growing into one of the fastest fitness apparel companies nationwide. DA Method Apparel is the lead sponsor for the American Basketball Association PG Valor basketball team. They are also sponsors for many athletes in mixed martial arts, professional wrestling and boxing.

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Why Kaho Shibuya Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur



Time is finite. Whether you accept this or not, one day your life on this planet will come to an end. While that is out of your control, what you make of this life is very much in your hands. For Kaho Shibuya, realizing this at a young age has changed the game for her and she wastes no time chasing her dreams and making a name for herself. 

A cosplayer and writer from Tokyo, Kaho has an incredibly diverse resume of work experience and has always been active in pursuing what she is passionate about. After watching American wrestling shows as a high schooler, she did not just develop a passion for the industry, she went all in on immersing herself in American culture. In fact, she became completely fluent in English in college and majored in international communication. Post graduation, she spent time as a newspaper publisher and reporter, worked as a school teacher that focused on the English language, and even spent time in the adult film industry where she garnered a large audience that would help her YouTube and entertainment ventures take off rapidly. 

At the moment, Kaho is fully invested in the entertainment industry, spending time as a DJ and appearing at anime conventions and meet and greets. In the coming months, she will be a voice actress on a brand new anime series that will be premiering. Her dedication to learning the English language has paid off in a major way as well, as she has been able to travel to the United States for anime conventions in Los Angeles and will be in Houston in July this year for another one.

While she started out as an office worker, her transition into entrepreneurship was a no brainer. She has always gravitated towards freelance work, and has always wanted to try new things that she would not be able to do at a desk job. While her experiences as a journalist were invaluable, she is able to work towards her passion every single day as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. 

In Japan, agencies are extremely tough to work with, and take around half of its clients earnings before paying them. While Kaho used to suffer from a partnership with an agency, she has since grown her social media presence on Twitter and Instagram so much to the point where she has achieved independence and is able to take on clients that she is eager to work with rather than having to hit a certain number for her agency. 

While she is still young, Kaho Shibuya is a force in the anime and entertainment industry and will only look to grow her personal brand both in Japan and internationally, and it will not be long before she is a household name in her homeland and countries worldwide.

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